The History of the House

Dear Guest,

We welcome you to the „House of Trades Unions“. Wittenberg was surrounded with a city wall until 1890. It had a number of gates adjacent to the Elstergate the Villa Diane, was built on the foundations of a part of the old wall.
In 1947 the Villa Diane was occupied by the Allies.  The former home owner, chief of Foresty Dr. Heckert, opposed the occupation and forcefully defended his house. As a result, the soviets destroyed the house. After the war a number of trade unions from Wittenberg and surrounding areas joined and voluntarily rebuilt the house- House of Trades Unions. The house “Hans Sachs” was dedicated on November 1952 and since has been used by the trade unions and citizens for different social events and our restaurant. That closes circle of tradition and modern requirements here in the Lutherstadt Wittenberg.